sheron rupp


To the imagination, to memory, nothing is really lost if it is experienced with affirmation. In my photographs of children, I attempt to arrive at something poetic, something I can hold on to both as an image and as emotional sustenance. I want the validation of closeness, the touching upon the ordinary, to offer revelations about our lives.

Sheron Rupp,
"For Kids'Sake" exhibition, Boston, 1985

After receiving a MFA degree in 1982, I travelled to Ohio to photograph in small, rural towns. I stayed for most of a month in a small apartment in Howard, Ohio with my old cat, Jenny. The Rose of Sharon bushes there and the old, wandering alleys helped bring me back to my childhood years. I photographed a lot of kids.

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Athol, MA-1984

All photographs © Sheron Rupp. All rights reserved.