sheron rupp


The rituals of backyard gardeners have probably never been so carefully notated as by Ms Rupp.

– "The Story of Photography as Told on Both Coasts," by Richard Woodward, The Wall Street Journal, Feb. 22, 2007.

The last ten years have brought me back to photographing people closer to home. Contracted by Smith College Museum of Art for a project honoring Northampton's 350th anniversary of its founding, I photographed people in the environs I called "home."

Always, I've been drawn to other people’s turf, their home ground. With this in mind, photographing the land itself has emerged as a recent interest. For years, I've tried to intertwine two subjects I'm intensely drawn to- people and their place on this earth.

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Northampton, MA-2003

All photographs © Sheron Rupp. All rights reserved.